New work in and for 2018

New work in and for 2018

A note about new publications

Harvard University Press has just published my Passwords: Philology, Security, Authentication (see also Books), a study of the history of the priorities of a recent cultural moment.

Other new work in and for 2018 includes “JavaScript Affogato: Programming a Culture of Improvised Expertise,” published in January in the journal Configurations (see also Essays). This is the first publication drawn from my current research on programming languages and cultures of software development. In some ways it represents a return to work I’d planned to do as early as 1998, at the start of my graduate training, before I was productively deflected by the zeitgeist — though that work was sharpened by the grotesqueries of the “digital humanities” movement of the late 2000s and early 2010s, and for that reason too it was productive to have let it wait.

Read a Q & A about this essay at the Johns Hopkins University Press Blog (also syndicated here).

Update (2018-04-17): a second publication drawn from this project is “Program Text, Programming Style, Programmer Labor: Some Further Comments on Comments,” forthcoming in Cultural Politics 14.3 (2018). See Essays.